September Planner

Theme of the month : I Love my Teacher my Guru, Lord Krishna

Color of the month : Blue in different shapes and sizes around us

Social Helper : Teacher

Revision of Concept & Word Bank : Frog, Tiger, Peacock, Lotus, Mango, Bitter Gourd, Splash, Friend, Peer, Red Fort, Splash, Puddles, Sky, Water, Train, Car etc.

Prewriting Skill with Montessori activity Clay Kneading, Rough Vs Smooth concept, thin & fat, pouring grains Phonetic sound class for language enrichment

Phonetic sound class for language enrichment

Activities, Special Day & Competition,

  • 4th September - (Special H.W. for children to make a beautiful card for his/her Class Teacher)
  • 5th Sep. - Dress Up like your Teacher, Guru-Shishya Story & Teacher’s Day celebration
  • 14th Sep - Blue color dress day , Spl. Cotton dabbing activity
  • 20st Sep. – Cartoon Day “My Favorite Cartoon”
  • 21st is Moharram holiday for school
  • 24th to 26th Sep. – *Hindi, English Rhyme Recitation Assessment & Competition
  • 28th Sep. - Ice-cream day art & craft activity
  • 29th Sep. - PTM (Confirm timings with class wise teacher)

*Rhyme/Song of the month : Teacher-teacher where are you? Itni achhi meri teacher! , Yashomati maiyya se poochhe nandlala, Maiyya Yashoda ye tera kanhaiyya

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